Computer fixed up by My Burrows and delivered. Full service for PatchX and we are always glad to get a picture from the work we do.


We had a great trip taking 10 computers to students in Westside high school located in West Virginia. Both of my parents are from West Virginia and it is great to give back to that area. The kids were so surprised and the principal and Jeremy welcomed us with open arms.


This computer was fixed up by our master fixer upper John Burrows. It went to a wonderful home. I know a computer is not as cute as a puppy but maybe it can bring something to the family as well.


Dropped off four more computers to the wonderful BRILC. Just in time for Christmas and hopefully these computers will make a great home for the people they support.


One of my co-workers donated this laptop and it had a home before the donation. I had an email once we received a laptop and she was patient for two months. We got it in and turned the laptop around in a couple of days.


Dropped off 5 more computers to the BRILC along with some monitors and cables. They let us use their parking spot.


John dropping off four more computers for our best customer BRILC. Great organization run by great people doing great work.


We recently had the opportunity to fix-up laptops for a school in Ghana. The laptops were provided by Dr. Yaw Adu-Gyamfi, Liberty University. Pastor Charles Koomson of the school in Ghana sent these photos of he and the children receiving the laptops and using them. The laptops were staged with Linux Ubuntu 14.4.3. Gary Hunt of Bookbag Santa facilitated getting the laptops from Dr. Yaw to PatchX.


Great trip to the Way America in Mullens, West Virginia. Able to take six laptops and four desktop computers. These computers will go to kids in their homes to use in school and fun. We are always excited to extend out reach from Virginia to West Virginia to help youth in other areas.


Another computer drop off to the Blue Ridge Independent Live Center. Great organization, doing great things for handicapped people.


We have a great relationship with the Applachain Teen Challenge group. Years ago they came to my house looking for donations. We have fixed up laptops for them and when they moved to iMac they offered the old laptops to us. We have given some out to the valley already and this one went to one of the daughters of a counselor. Great when giving can come full circle.


Always a great day to be able to deliver a new computer for a classroom at Greenvale School. We love the partnership of over six years we have with the school and continue work in the future.


Great trip with my parents to the WAY Center in Mullens West Virginia. They have converted an old Big Lots into a place for kids to come and have fun.

PATCH189 & PATCH225-229

John dropped over 6 computers to the BRILC. We have been fixing up computers for them since 2010 and love having them as a partner. We are always excited to help people that have a handicap access to a computer.


Refurbished an HP a749c with UberMix 2.12L and a bunch of additionally installed games and educational apps in addition to what was preloaded with UberMix. Always great to see a picture before he goes on an adventure of learning and using his computer


Really enjoyed working with this young man. He told us the way we explained binary to him allowed him to understand it much better than he learned in school


One of the 12 girls we taught about computers for four weeks and this is a picture from the night we awarded them.