About PatchX


We started by just doing a favor for a family friend. Just one computer to one little girl who needed it for school. We could have never predicted how this one act would give birth to PatchX. Since that one favor in 2008, we have fixed up over 150 computers, taught kids how to program, developed websites for non-profits and used technology to help our environment. And we’re still going strong. That’s what the “X” stands for – not just the unknown number of people we may help, but the possibilities for the future.


We are located in Southwest Virginia but looking to expand across the country.

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Why work with us?

Help Others

Help others

Looking for a way to give back? Don’t have much time? Why not take an old computer and bring it back to life? Or help with a website for a non-profit – all from the comfort of your house? We can show you how.

Tech Refurb

Refurb tech

We started by fixing up computers and giving them away. But computers are just one technology that needs refurbishing. What is your passion in technology? Education? Science? Maybe there’s a way to make something old into something new.

Postive Plus


Ok, we made “Plusitivity” up. But it exemplifies what we do. We started with one computer and then added one. Many “plus ones” later, we’ve given away over 150 computers. Imagine yourself as the plus one – one person helping one other.

What exactly are we doing?

We are a full service group using technology to help others. We take older computers and clean them up for non-profit child care organizations and families who cannot afford them. We teach children how to program, create digital art and compose music. We work with non-profit groups that can’t afford a webmaster to manage their online presence. We also help these groups manage their technology by recommending software and administering networks and systems..



Web Sites



We love history. The history of software. The history of computers so why not a little about the history of PatchX

  1. PatchXFeb 2008 · First computer fixed up for child
  2. Web SiteAug 2008 · First Web site built for Opportunity through Baseball
  3. Computer Lab Mar 2010 · Working with the Junior League to build lab for Greenvale School
  4. 100 Computer clubMay 2011 · Delivered 100 computer for PatchX
  5. NewpaperMar 2013 · Article in the paper about PatchX


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PatchX Crew

Brian Wilson

Brian started PatchX in 2008, taking one computer for one girl and seeing the impact of this one small act. Since then, Brian’s motto has been “it’s better to give than receive,” and feels he receives more and more wherever PatchX grows. Brian enjoys computers and sports along with teaching all the things he has learned – in technology and in life. Contact Brian at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

John Burrows

After seeing the article in the paper about PatchX, John wanted to help out. He is a computer whiz on all fronts and has been a huge help to the organization. Contact John Burrows at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who wants to get involved

All it takes is one email to reach out and help. We are looking for tech people who want to make a difference in the world. Just think you could have your own email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.