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Greenvale School provides high quality, developmentally appropriate child care services for children of working parents, according to their ability to pay. By promoting the highest standards of education and responsible behavior, Greenvale cultivates the growth of each child to his or her full potential. By providing a comprehensive range of services, Greenvale supports parents' efforts to build a secure and prosperous future for their families.


Greenvale School, one of the first childcare centers in Southwest Virginia, was founded by Mrs. Bertie Clinevell in 1934. The school was established to relieve the plight of children of unemployed parents. It was initially housed in three rooms located in the old railroad YMCA building on Shenandoah Avenue and 12th Street, NW. The rooms’ heat and water were secured for Greenvale by the Salvation Army, while Norfolk and Western, who owned the building, provided the electricity. The present location is a direct descendant of the Salvation Army Nursery School as it was then known, which eventually moved to the old Andrews home known as “Greenvale” on West Campbell Avenue. The first local support for Greenvale came from a small group of women and the Junior League of Roanoke Valley.