Westside Elementary Debutantes

Thanks to our work with the Goodwill Guides program we were asked to do a class for the lady debutantes at Westside Elementary. This program is lead by the amazing Sherri Ambrose and fully supported by the school and principal. She let us keep the computers in her office they day we gave them out. To be able to teach girls about computers and technology before they go to middle school is important. The ratio of boys to girls in STEM and technology fields is very one sided to boys. But let me tell you those girls are smart and wanted to learn as much as we could teach them.

Our first class started in the church across the street. John is going over some of the video we showed. The girls started opening up their notepads and taking notes and asking great questions at the end.

We ended up moving over to the library at the school. One of the great things about the church setting was getting to meet Mike Wilson. He was in charge of letting us in but once he saw the class we were doing he ended up staying. Come to find out, Mike is a wiz at computers and helped us with some of the harder questions that Brian could not answer.

There was a wonderful ceremony at the end of the 4 week class. Sherri placed a nice bow on each of the boxes for the girls. They all spoke about something they learned and we were so proud to be able to work with them. She had awards for some of the girls as well that really excelled in the class/

So many people to thank when doing something like this. We would like to thank Sherri Ambrose, the director of the program. Lisa Clause from inTotal Health and helped get us together and worked with us on Goodwill Guides class. The Westside Elementary principal and staff for all of their support and of course the PatchX group of John, Mike, Jessie and Brian.

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