Third year teaching these wonderful young ladies about computers and technology. Our wonderful team of tech gurus and the amazing leader of the lady debutantes has allowed this program to thrive. After teaching the ladies in four classes we end up giving a laptop for them to keep.


PatchX was honored to be able to teach the lady debutante group for a second year. The young ladies in the class asked great questions and very engaged in our hand on exercises. Using lessons from and we have developed a way to teach computer science without having a computer. A couple of the lessons we did are teaching binary, the fruit sort game and the robot game. We also ended up doing a lesson on Internet security the same day as computer security day. Links


She figured out the orange game first in our group. We had a lot of fun learning about sorting on a computer.


She is a pretty smart girl but quiet. I could tell sometimes she would know the answer but would not say anything. Very good student to work with in class.


He would take great notes and ask really good questions. I think he liked the classes but could not wait until the end of the 4 week classes to get his laptop.


He was very hands on and interested in all of the items we talked about in class. When we introduced the laptops to the kids he looked all through it.


She told us she was a wiz at math. So we tested her with easy and kept going. What is 1+1, 2+2, 4+4 but when we asked 128+128 and 256+256 she laughed at how we knew the answers so quickly.


When we taught binary all of the girls would ask for harder numbers to do. She asked to do her grandmother's age in binary.


Always had a smile on her face and a great sense of humor. She seemed to be interested in all of the topics we covered.


One of the stars in our class and mentioned to Sherri Ambrose computers may be something she wants to do in the future.


She really enjoyed the inside of the computer. Every chance she got I would see her trying to put the pieces together.


During the ceremony she gave each of the instructors a thank you card. Very thoughtful and we will cherish.


Another great student who went through our program.


Very smart student who seemed to pick up things very quickly when answering questions on what we learned.


One of the other students that told us she might want to do computers when she grows up. Our goal to place the computer in their hands and they can use it to follow whatever dream they will have as they grow up.