His computer hard drive crashed and we were able to find one in our lab to put in and load Windows 7 back on it. Looks like there was some Minecraft he needed to catch up on.


This computer was also donated at the Gauntlet event and went to Stephen Niamke. She is on a mission to rid the world of trash. The laptop will help her to organize her group as she goes around the country making it better one piece of trash at a time.


I have worked with Elijah's father in two different companies in the past 20 years. Yea I am old. He is a great father and has a wonderful family. Elijah is battling something no kid should have to go through. I am glad we were able to get him a computer to try and help. It is always great to get a picture back showing the inteligence looking into the screen. His Facebook page is here and I invite you to like it and follow him.


Talking to a lady where I work she told me her grandson is autistic and they have a computer but it no longer works. I asked for her to bring it in to see if it is something we could help get back to work for her. After a couple of days I am happy to report the machine is back in working order with all updates applied. This happened a couple of weeks before Christmas as well.


Who would have thought four years ago we would be delivering our 200th computer. This girl's mom is a friend of my mother-in-law and is starting kindergarten this year. The first computer we did was also from my mother-in-law so it is great we continue to work together to find kids with a computer need. We also did something new with this computer and installed DuodouLinux that is a Linux distribution geared towards kids of her age. All of the software installed are free and the entire system is kid friendly.


We have donated a couple of laptops to the Eastern Appalachian Teen Challenge group in the past. Just recently they emailed asking if we could look at a couple of the other laptops they were having trouble using. We were able to get them on a Saturday and turn them around within a couple of days. We understand the need for computers and education so we wanted to not hold up this for to long. We fixed up three computers and was able to donate another one for one of theirs that had a cracked screen.


HandyCapable computers to BRILC

We are very happy to be a part of this endeavor. The BRILC was able to purchase computers from the HandyCapable group to serve users. PatchX was the transportation from NC to VA and pizza delivery guys. After getting the computers to Virginia we went through and updated any security patches and loaded a couple of programs we do for the BRILC. We were very happy to do it to secure 27 computers for the BRILC group.

Rule number 1 always feed the geeks.

Each computer at HandyCapable after they are done has a sheet with all of the specs and numbers

Some of the computers safely at the BRILC waiting to be picked up.

People that have received these computers


Always great when you can help a co-worker. She is a grandmother and has two grand children that did not have a computer. We were able to fix one up pretty quickly and hand it to her at work.


Two more computers we dropped off for a local pre-school. The computer in the cart had some audio issues that during our looking at the problem we failed to check and see the volume was turned all the way to the top.


Two more computers we fixed up for the BRILC. The Dell came with a very nice flat panel monitor. Someone will be very happy when they receive this computer.


Two more computers given to the Greenvale School project. We have heard back from the director the laptops allow more flexibility for the teachers and cost savings to the school. The more we can help the teachers the more the teachers can help the kids.


Greenvale School needed to have the ability for teachers in their classrooms to update children's progress. We were able to work with a wonderful company to help with the wiring of the classrooms. Due to the structure of the building wireless would not work. The first batch were three laptops.

PATCH148 and PATCH159

Two more computers we fixed up for the BRILC. Since we fixed these before New Years I decided to take a picture with cowboy Santa since IT Santa fixed the other ones.


A couple of months ago this group went through our neighborhood talking about the Eastern Appalachian Teen Challenge program. We told them about PatchX and we could work on some laptops for them this year. In a great ending to 2013 we delivered two Dell laptops and their eyes lit up when they saw the computers. Happy new year to


This is the fourth computer we have donated to a local pre-school. It is always great to get pictures back showing the kids smiles while learning and playing on the computer. We have a couple more computers we are working on for them and will hopefully show more great pictures.


This delivery was two computers to the BRILC. We decided to take picture with all of their new friends waiting to be adopted. There is still a waiting list for computers but we are trying to whittle it down. We also tossed in a monitor.


Computer Santa came to town and fixed up a Laptop for a boy who is a big Minnesota Twins fan. Well it was really one of his elves but Santa does get to deliver the computer :).