A buddy of mine called to ask if I could fix his computer for his two boys before school starts. He had all of the disks with his computer so we were able to format it and load all of the free software beloew before school starts.


This computer will end up getting a lot of use. A guy i used to work with decided to go back and has one more semester at National College. He will be 50 years old when he graduates. He also has a couple of grand kids that will be using it so we were happy to fix one up for them.


This computer was given to the school by a donation but had not been patched or have the games we had put on the other systems. We had a little trouble fixing it up because the password had been changed to of all things 'girlfriend' hummm. After we recovered the password the system was given the PatchX treatment and given back to them after the weekend.


This laptop went to a single mother who just went through some medical problems. We hope this computer helps them.


We have helped so many others we almost forgot about our family. This computer was fixed for my nephew and niece to use for fun and school. Hopefully more school than fun but learning is learning


Well we were looking for a good home for this computer and I think we found one. These girls met us with their mom and it was a great day with a picture outside and their new monitor. Their mom had some trouble putting the computer together so we ended up doing a house call as well. There was no way we could let these girls not use their new computer.


Another successful computer donated through Freecycle. This girl is on the honor roll and does not miss any days of school. Here computer would not turn on so we were able to replace it with a PatchX one and we are currently looking to repair her old one.

Donated Through:


Our home base is in Botetourt, Virginia and there have been a couple of fires that have destroyed homes in our area. One of the homes was a family that has two children. We were able to donate Patch41 to this family along with some clothes from my daughter.


The computer in this classroom was making some very loud noises from the hard drive. We pulled that computer out to hopefully repair and replaced it with this machine. Very cool again to see two kids on one computer.


This computer needed some dust knocked off and some games added for a toddler class. We were able to fix it over the weekend and get it back in the hands of the classroom. It is interesting, a lot of the pictures we take show two kids playing on one computer.


This is another computer the Blue Ridge disability center gave us to work on for them. After fighting with the NIC and video cards along with a memory boost this machine is ready for its new home. This picture is in their office


For this machine we had the mission of setting it up for a toddler group at a non-profit center. We tried to find software for them and a lock software for certain keys. We will keep everyone up to date on the progress of how long the computer lasts. The picture actually shows the educational program Sebran running.


My daughter is in National Honer Society at school and they did three Angel trees for families. One of the families did not have a computer in their house. This picture is of one of the ladies who runs the chapter of NHS at school.


We were able to work with a non-profit child care center to distribute computers to families. This family took a great picture out in the cold for our website. The boy in this picture also took the computer class we held at Greenvale School


My daughter is in Girl Scouts and her leader sent an email about donations to a Independant living center. We reached out to the Blue Ridge Independant Living center to see if they needed our help. They had Patch33 and Patch34 that needed some attention. We fixed both of them up and delivered them back to their facility.

Donated by and fixed for:


This family was found through our work with donating computers to a non-profit child care center. We have given them several computers to use and now trying to get computers into the homes of some of the families. This family has a girl and boy that go to the center.


We received an e-mail from a boy who wanted to get his cousin a computer. They live in a rural community and she would need to go to the library or a friends house to use one. Her birthday was in November so this ended up being an after birthday before Christmas surpise. We hope she has many hours of enjoyment with her new computer.

Donated by: A friend of my father.


This story is good news for PatchX. Someone told his mom about our web site and what we are doing. She called me up and we were able to fix up a laptop for them. Like most of the computers we donate I think both of them will get great use from this computer. He is holding the computer bag in the picture.

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This was another computer given to the non-profit child care center. I was not able to get a picture so I posted this one of my son when we went to pick up the first group of computers that started PatchX. Ended up being a fun trip to Ohio and catching a Cleveland Cavaliers game


This may be the worst picture I have taken for this site. I forgot my camera so I used my phone camera. The kids at the day care were watching a movie so I did not want to bother them to pose for a picture. Check back as we will get a better picture up there.

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This laptop was on its way out the door at Robertson Marketing Group and we were able to save it. We have been trying to find a good home for this computer and it happened of all days on Valentines Day. Both of these teachers will be using the computer to help with lesson plans for their students at the day care.

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