This computer was dead and brought back to life by Cory. He decided to follow in the PatchX way and donate it to two children without one. Even though we do not have the specifications for the computer I believe he loaded a lot of good open source software for the kids. Cory was able to fix another computer for us that I deemed gone. He wants to be a programmer and my buddy Chad Carter donated a signed copy of his book on XNA.


This machine was also donated to the same Pre-school as PATCH1. They have over 55 kids enrolled so they needed another one to support the demand. PATCH2 was given back to us after the YMCA decided to move some things around and not use computers any more. The school we built these two for was the same one my kids went to so it was very cool to give back to a place that gave so much to my kids.


This computer is sort of like a cat with a couple of lives. The YMCA moved some things around in their play area and did not have room for the computers. We took it and brought it back to life for another pre-school. Sort of a recycle 2 recycle sort of deal.


My dad has been a member of the YMCA for years and my wife used to work there. It is a great organization across the country for people to exercise and other events within their walls. They have a child care area that allows parents to go work out while their kids are taken care of by YMCA. This year had computers already but they did not work. We reached out to them and fixed up both computers PATCH1 and PATCH2 for them to use.