Cosmopolitan Club of Roanoke

The Cosmopolitan Club of Roanoke is one of eight clubs that comprise the Capital Federation of Cosmopolitan International. Our club was chartered March 1, 1958 with 63 members, many of whom are still known and remembered today for their contributions to the Roanoke Valley.

Who can join - Membership is open to any individual that is interested in promoting track & field in the Roanoke Valley and in community service, particularly with regard to our emphasis on projects relating to diabetes and our support of the Roanoke Valley Speech & Hearing Center. Lastly, we firmly believe in promoting fellowship and lasting friendships with our members.

Thanks to our connection with Agness, the director of the Roanoke Valley Speech and Hearing center we found out about the Cosmo group. They put on track events to raise money for non-profit groups and the center has been one of the organizations they have worked with over the years.